What is The Phase?

The Story

The idea struck me when I came to a realization:

I love sharing music. I love exposing people to those hidden gems that lie undiscovered by most ears. Spreading word of mouth about an artist or genre that I just recently unearthed is a passion, a habit nearly.

And so I thought, ‘how can I build a creative medium for this? A medium through which I can expose people to great works of sound, but also explore and analyze the works myself in the meantime?’ A blog was the answer. I did my research, and well, carved out a little spot here to help propagate my waves.

The Concept

The Phase is a music discovery and indulgence blog. Check out the latest tune and its thoughtful dissection. Enjoy the photography hand-picked for each one. Open your mind to a new genre, maybe dig up a few more tunes from a certain artist. The Phase is all about helping you find new things to listen to, and aims to cover nearly every genre out there.

So hang around and explore a little. It might even expand your library.


Got something to say?

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